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Dear Sir/Ma,

Are you getting enough blood circulation in your lower region?


Do you know that poor circulation within your leg and feet can be the root cause of a number of different issues in the body, and can be a frustrating symptom for people suffering with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and lack of proper sleep?


Statistics from a well-respected website “Health Connect 24/7” states that Over 20 million people are suffering from high blood pressure across Nigeria, this number is calculated as 30.7% among men and 25.2% among women.


Another report from Edinburgh University states that high blood pressure puts 1 in every Nigerian at risk.


Does all this sound familiar to you?

Have you heard of people fallen down suddenly and when test is carried out on them it was found to be due to high blood pressure?


Or do you feel stressed sometimes due to high work activities and other functions


And the only thing on your mind is how to have a thorough massage at home to calm the nerves and get the body rejuvenated

I tell you good health and peace of mind should above everything else

That is why the lower region of the body especially our calves and feet be taken serious


Why …..

The calf’s muscles on the leg plays an important role in supplying to the whole body.

As a matter of fact, the calf muscle is referred to as the second heart. (Google it Later)


You know, the body is engineered so that when you walk, the calf muscles pump venous blood back toward your heart. Then, in the later stages of the step, the calf muscle contracts and pumps the blood up the leg, against gravity.

As an executive CEO, Politician, Administrator, Business Owner, Sports Lover, Pastor/Imam or an Individual that is health conscious, is it not important to pamper the calves and feet with care?

And because you deserve to live a long life, maintaining good blood circulation always, enjoying quality time with family, and total body relaxation after a stressful day.


We are introducing you to this Premium Leg and Foot Massager.

History as it that before the advent of modern medicine, massage therapy was a common practice in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America culture as an activity that promotes reflexology (according to dictionary reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body)?


It is also recorded in the Indian tradition of five thousand years ago, that foot massage is part of the relationship between gurus and follower, man and wife, and between friends.

Vedic literatures even have it that the god Narajanah used to be massaged by his wife, the goddess Lakshmi. This practice was then followed by Vedic physicians for curing diseases and promoting relaxation of mind, body, and soul.

The amazing thing is that science also agrees to the importance of a good massage therapy, which makes it a safe process and practice to getting relief from pain, good blood circulation, and other benefits.


According to research some of the benefits of leg and foot massage are

✅Improves Blood Circulation and Neuropathy

✅Helps with Arthritis

✅Relieves Bunion Pain

✅Aids people with Plantar Fasciitis

✅Improves Flat Feet

✅Reduces Headaches and Migraines

✅Relieves Menstrual Pain

✅Lower Back Pain

✅Enhance Good Sleep

So, Let’s agree that these benefits are essential to live a long satisfying life and enjoy quality time with family and loved ones

And we believe that this premium machine is just perfect for you.

This breakthrough technology of a machine is very easy to use, it has an automatic shutdown system, removable fabric and a simple to read control panel.

No need to install anything.


Perfect for all Adults, great for personal use, gift for spouse and parents or loved ones


When you get yours today, you will be saving money on the long run because it guarantees all of the benefits mentioned above


So it is time to enjoy massage as if it from a professional masseur right at the comfort of your home.

“Leading physiotherapists recognize the potential benefits of vibration machines, as they can aid in improving muscle strength, bone density, circulation, and flexibility. These machines provide a unique and effective approach to enhancing overall fitness and well-being.”

Physiotherapists, Personal trainers, and Sports medicine specialists


For Daily Muscle Stimulation,
Better Body Shape, Strong Bone, Pain Relief


1. Do you struggle with traditional strength training exercises?
2. Are you looking to improve your muscle tone and flexibility?
3. Do you experience chronic joint pain or stiffness?
4. Are you recovering from an injury or surgery and seeking rehabilitation support?
5. Are you at risk of osteoporosis or looking to improve your bone density?
6. Do you have circulation issues or want to enhance blood flow throughout your body?
7. Are you looking to increase your overall flexibility and range of motion?
8. Do you want to accelerate your recovery time after workouts or injuries?
9. Are you interested in enhancing lymphatic drainage and detoxification?
10. Would you like to add variety and efficiency to your fitness routine?


If you answer yes to any of these…
 Our rock-solid vibration machine is the answer you’ve been looking for


It’s pretty clear why our vibration machine has become the talk of the town

I have a vibration machine. I bought it in January. I use it every other day. I have lost weight, inches and my calves, thighs and arms are toning, slender and defined. I am diabetic and it helps with my circulatory system. No more Muscle pulls, or cramps. Love it

Mr. Garba

“As someone who struggles with osteoporosis, I was looking for a way to improve my bone density without putting too much strain on my body. My vibration machine has been a game-changer – I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my bone density and overall bone health since I started using it regularly.”

Mrs. Joy

“I’ve been using a vibration machine to aid in my recovery from a knee injury, and I’ve been amazed at how quickly I’ve been able to regain my strength and mobility. The vibrations have helped to increase blood flow to my injured knee, promoting faster healing and rehabilitation.”

Mr. Gbenga - Ekiti

“I was skeptical about the benefits of a vibration machine at first, but after just a few weeks of use, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my overall well-being. I feel more energized, less stressed, and my body feels more toned and flexible.”

Ms. Dupe

“I’ve been using my vibration machine for a few months now and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my muscle tone and flexibility. I used to struggle with traditional strength training exercises, but the vibration machine has made a huge difference in my overall fitness levels.”

Mrs. Peace - PH

” As a remote worker, I tend to sit a lot mostly working on my laptop and sometimes I feel so tired with pains in my hip, it was always frustrating but the help of this vibration machine, all i need to do is to sit on it for 10-15 minutes and I am back. This should be at the home of every remote worker”

Mr. Ayo

“I suffer from chronic joint pain and stiffness, but since I started using my vibration machine, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my symptoms. The gentle vibrations help to lubricate my joints and reduce inflammation, making it easier for me to move around and stay active.”

Mr. Edafe

Why You Should Buy From Us?

While on Jumia and konga it is sold for N150,000 – N185,220

While we are selling for just  N125,000,  because we have direct access to the manufacturer to produce the same quality at a reduced cost without lowering quality Plus a free seasonal gift and free delivery to your doorsteps

Buying from our website guarantees that you will save money plus ensure free delivery and set up for most our customers

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It’s that simple.



Material: ABS shell
Size: 52.5x31x12.5cm / 21x12x5inch
Motor power: 200W
Packing Weight: 11kg / 25lbs

Package content

1 x Vibrating platform plate
1 x remote control
2 x Resistance rope



How does a vibration machine work?

Vibration machines work by producing rapid vibrations that transmit energy to your body, causing your muscles to contract and relax. This mimics the effects of exercise, providing benefits such as improved muscle strength, increased bone density, and enhanced circulation.

Can anyone use a vibration machine?

Vibration machines are generally safe for most individuals, but it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen. Certain conditions, such as pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, or recent surgeries, may require special considerations or restrictions.

How often should I use a vibration machine?

 The frequency of use depends on your fitness goals and overall health. For general fitness and wellness, using a vibration machine 2-3 times per week for 10-15 minutes can be sufficient. However, for specific training purposes or rehabilitation, it’s best to consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.

Can a vibration machine help with weight loss?

 While vibration machines alone may not directly lead to weight loss, they can be a valuable addition to a comprehensive weight management plan. The vibrations can increase muscle activation and calorie expenditure during workouts, contributing to overall calorie burn and potentially supporting weight loss goals when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Can vibration machines help with cellulite reduction?

While vibration machines may temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite by increasing blood flow and stimulating lymphatic drainage, they are not a cure for cellulite. A healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, proper nutrition, and hydration, is crucial for long-term cellulite reduction.

Are there any age restrictions for using a vibration machine?

 Vibration machines are generally safe for individuals of various ages. However, it’s important to consider individual health conditions and consult with a healthcare professional before use. Children should always be supervised when using a vibration machine.

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